Sunday, July 3, 2011

one year, one hell of a run

Well yesterday marked one year since I took off to London. This year, instead, I ran a half marathon. I wonder what I'll do next year..

I did pretty well. I ran 21.8km in 1:53 and came 19th for my age group, which I'm pretty happy/F*&KING ECSTATIC with. I then rewarded myself with some homebrew and a few jugs of amber at the pub.

But alack now I am on holidays, and bored out of my brains as I am not travelling this year. I have so far: cleaned my room, put clothes on ebay, read Jane Eyre, done a treasure hunt, played in a wheelchair, trained for a marathon, completed a marathon, fixed my slr, gotten into photography, baked a cake, bought petrol, quit two jobs, got four more jobs, planned next holiday, and finished my London scrapbook, AND I'M STILL BORED. SIGH. Time to start my novel..

Assorted photos without captions:

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