Wednesday, July 7, 2010

emergency #1

After much torpor (or languor for the lowbrow of you) about supposedly important issues such as setting up a bank account and getting a job, I decided to face my demons and do get my shit together. I had an interview at a pub called The Chandos on Central Saint Martins (Central London). When I finally found the place I nearly hyperventilated – the pub literally overlooks Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. It’s at the beginning of the Theatre District, a tourist hotspot, and gets absolutely packed every night. The bad news is that it’s 55 hours a week at 5 pound 80 an hour, though tips are often generous. But while Trafalgar Square would be quite an amazing backyard, I will always hold a special place in my heart for the tin shed and hills hoist which I have grown to love.

I also made my way to Camden, somewhere that every person who has been to London has recommended to me. Alas, this is the scene for the first downfall of my journeys. Yes, as implausible as it is, I, an 18 year old female travelling alone, have encountered my first emergency. In fact, I am still in emergency mode, and probably will be for awhile. Let’s just say, I made some unthinking decisions, the consequence of which is that I am unable to eat for the rest of this week...or until I find a job. Alas I have run out of money. The cause of this troublesome pickle I find myself in resides in an unbecoming white dress and a pair of high waisted leather shorts (they will never go out of fashion). Now I would not usually consider such purchases, however a when a Norweigan gothic woman dressed me into these leather "pants" (if pants is synonymous with underwear) and purred ‘these are made for you…perfect…so sexy…you’re a star! YOU'RE A STAR!’ I have never felt so flattered in my life! So you see spending the rest of my money on it was the logical decision. I mean if I didn’t buy it, it would have been impolite, and we all know how much the English value good manners. And the white dress, well I was offered a job at the markets and also offered the shopkeepers hand in marriage and that was so kind so I really wanted to pay back the kindness and purchase it. They both discounted it too! Such generosity never happens in Brisbane and is a real tribute to human nature. So all in all, I have $23.28 to last me until I get a job, as I cannot open a bank account until I get a job, and I cannot get a job until somebody recognises my inner magnificence and boyish charm and hires me.

After gorging myself on unhealthy and overpriced London foods for the past few days, I decided it would be a pleasant afternoon for a run in Hyde Park. You know I don’t think it’s very common for people to wear running gear on the tube, but this is how I like to change people’s perceptions. I was a little wistful while running through the luscious green pastures, contemplating my much loved Wynnum beachfront running route. However I found the experience to be quite the same and relieved some nostalgia. Instead of having to dodge pets, small children, rapists, and second hand cigarette smoke of Wynnum, I found the equivalent obstacles of horses, geese, and washed up rock stars in my way. And the differences between the notable landmarks I pass were only marginal at best. In Wynnum I am blessed with the epiphany-enticing jetty, the newly renovated wading pool, and the gorgeous waterfront; whereas on this route, I idled past Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Thames – all of equal if not inferior calibre to those of Wynnum. I am still yet to decide which route takes the cake as, quite obviously, they both have their advantages.

Tomorrow is Origin III! And I plan to spend the remaining $23 on enjoying this night as really, where else in the world can you watch origin at 11am and then again at 7.30pm? GO QLD!

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