Friday, July 16, 2010

i'm locked out of my house

and there isn't much to do around here except eat chicken or use the internet cafe, both of which I am doing.

I have some great stories and pictures for when I feel motivated enough to write about them. For example, in the past three days I've visited two museums, an art gallery, a theatre, two cathedrals, and a cricket ground (you probably haven't heard of it, it's called 'Lords' or something silly like that). Anyway today I spent the rest of my weeks money on a ticket so I was shouted three pints of a beautiful lager named Kramenburg. Now its taking its toll. But it's perfect weather for an afternoon siesta as the test ended early (thanks to some smashing catches from ye olde Pointing and Hussey) and I could really use it as I only got home from work at 1:30am this morning. The Piccadilly line is amazing if you want to go to Heathrow at any time of day or night, but you know people live in Uxbridge too!

Time to explore the depths of Sudbury Hills. Love Kate.

PS. Raoul Moat is a legend.
That is all.

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