Friday, July 9, 2010



OH MY GOD. Today was the most AMAZING day here by far. It was as if all the amazing stars of the universe aligned themselves in my Venus constellation so that while the sun is in Cancer, Lady Luck could shine down shiny amazingness down on me. Here are some amazing things that happened:

- I ate a two course meal with my beloved friend Gabby

- I asked directions from a famous British actor

- I was at Edgeware on the anniversary of the Edgeware bombings

- I ran into Westminster Cemetery and some Aussies

And if that doesn’t fulfil any amazing expectations you had when you first started reading this post, GET THIS: I beat my own record and today entered into at least 33 pubs in Covent Gardens, Camden, Earl’s Court, Sheperd’s Bush, and Piccadilly. When I was informed that the pub job market in the UK was ‘very depressed’, they weren’t lying. Although I handed out 22 resumes – nay, CVs – and uploaded my details with 8 recruitment agencies, the majority of the pubs assured me that they weren’t hiring and received at least 10-15 CVs per day. HOWEVER…though you may be thinking ‘Oh, Kate, I knew this would happen, this was a stupid idea, you’ll never get a job with your wayward ways and childish nonchalance which is completely unprofessional and chaotic but I secretly envy because I’m too worried about superannuation and supporting my grandchildren to take the time out and enjoy my formative years’. And you may be right, HOWEVER, the most amazing thing about my eighth of July is that three of my dream places to work at are considering my CV!! I have been privately gushing over these places in the previous months, thinking that it would be an absolute dream to work there but there is no way in hell with my Fitzpatrick’s luck I could make it happen. But oh how far a little perseverance goes!

First in Camden, the Barfly are about to hire and I tried to make the most indie impression as possible when I went in. Though I may have looked a little too mainstream as I wasn’t wearing a band logo at all, but I guess we’ll see. Then the Walkabout pub at Sheperd’s Bush – well it’s not actually a dream job but it would be one of the more cooler pubs to work at in London with a big Aussie following and it legitimately smelt like the Royal Mail back home which is always, um, reassuring of its merits. AND THEN. OH MY GOD. AND THEN. After a big day tubing it around the city I was making my way back home – the long way because I like a nice walk – when I passed the London Saatchi & Saatchi offices. And with my wayward ways and childlike nonchalance I struck up conversation with a lady there, who happened to be the HR lady and accepted my CV. SO. EFFING. AMAZING. I think I will actually cry if I get a call from them.

Anyway at the moment it’s 10am on Friday and I am homeless, bankrupt, and unemployed. BUT IT’S SO AMAZING I CAN’T COMPLAIN.

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