Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i've also been to ireland


For the past four nights or so I’ve been dossing at a small house in Sudbury with nine Irish men and it’s SUCH A CRAIC! My weekend activities have included

- drinking copious amounts of Foster’s

- watching Rocky and Star Wars 1-6

- watching a hurling match

- discovering the beauty of London’s outer suburbs

However first a hot travel tip which I learnt via experience: DON’T MENTION THE WAR. In fact, don’t mention ‘catholics’ or ‘protestants’ at all. This especially applies in regards to the Irish and the Germans, though in general it’s not really a good conversation topic. Consequentially, I’ve been copping much crap about being a convict and invading the aborigines. Although I’ve tried to explain to the lads the concept of ‘terra nullius’ and how in all fairness the land was rightfully ours for the taking (I mean spears vs. guns, there really is one clear winner) however they just don’t seem to understand.

On the up side, I’ve got a job at a pub called The Courtfield in Earl Court which is quite nice. I had a trial shift last night and it was pretty good, although I’m still getting used to the currency – in all honesty what is the point of a ONE PENCE other than to weigh down your wallet? And all the beer and ales were a bit foreign too, they have funny names like Hoegarden, Hobgoblin, London Pride and Starpromen or something. The only one I knew was Stella Artois. It’s pretty classy so obviously I fit in well.

And yesterday I went and looked at a flat in Sheperd’s Bush. Though I didn’t end up getting it, I did get myself a drinking date. Personally I think it was all a matter of presenting yourself well and translating first impressions which made this come about. Here’s a reference for your convenience:

“I didn’t know how to open the gate, so I jumped it instead” Translation: I’m an easy-going and active girl with a great sense of adventure.

“I’m homeless, but I’m not sure if I need a place to live or not at the moment”

Translation: I am a flexible and intrepid traveller who lives in the moment and doesn’t tie herself down with nancy-pancy permanent plans.

“I don’t know if I have $500 to pay for it at the moment…”

Translation: I am a free spirit who isn’t consumed by capitalist strains.

A more pessimistic person may have perceived these extracts as ‘disorganised’, ‘disastrous’ or ‘weird’, luckily I choose to surround myself with people with a positive zen and an optimistic attitude.

On the money front, things aren’t looking that well. I have one pound left and $0 on my Oyster card. How I will eat or get home tonight escapes me, but being the hippie I am I’m not fussed at all. I have some cool doss house pictures I’ll try to put up but my battery is nearly out and I rely on the Maccas free wi-fi for these short but brilliant insights into my new life.

Oh and as a sidenote, I miss Laura Boland immensely, and 1st Contact Kickstart have been a major help in getting my shit together. I would recommend them highly to anyone. I am especially excited about the five day gym membership and my 7324902347th copy of the tube line they gave me in the package. I suppose the bank account, NI number and job assistance also helped a bit too. Cheers 1st contact.

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