Thursday, July 8, 2010

today i went to Spain

Today, still in emergency state of mind, my goals were no longer fixed on sightseeing and looking as local as possible in this huge city. The crisis remained: I was still bankrupt. With a plethora of people having informed me that London is the most expensive city to live in, I decided to prove them wrong and live as cheaply as possible. I started the day with a 70p croissant from Tescos, which is fast becoming my haven when I’ve got the munchies. After trying to sort out more odds and ends on Oxford Street, I navigated myself to the Covent Gardens Walkabout Pub to see what I really could not miss: State of Origin III. And what a game it was! Not only did I have the pleasure of watching a thrilling victory by Queensland, but my new drinking partner kindly shouted me a few beers as well. I savoured the familiar taste of Toohey’s sliding down my throat as the cunning and street smart person I am realised that in my desperate state, these beers served quite well as a lunchtime meal. I mean beer is full of carbs so I had something to walk off, it was cold on a hot summers day, and it has water to keep myself hydrated. The question is, why am I wasting my time with Arts when my talent really lies in nutrition?

After a couple of hours soaking up the Walkabout fun I found my next meal resided in a piece of gum my new bank manager offered me. When I exclaimed this to him and told him of my money woes he said I was breaking his heart, and mentioned more job/living opportunities. I’ve already been here three days, had one marriage proposal, broken one heart, and received about five casual job offers! I’m faring quite well indeed. Oh and although the bankruptcy tragedy was kind of getting challenging, it has fortunately been relieved. I’m not going to specify how, as it could be said that the answer was obvious, and I’m not going to subject myself to hordes of torment by my terrible terrible friends. However to keep this nice anxious equilibrium I’ve had going for the past day or so, another emergency has arisen! Hark! This time it’s the looming thought of being both unemployed and homeless as of Friday as the job situation looks less promising. However, I’m going to think of this one as more of a ‘challenge’ than an emergency, as it makes it a lot more fun!

OH and OH and OH MY GOD. There was some small little

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